High quality Omega replica watches

High quality Omega replica watches standard (Part Two)

High quality Omega replica watches
High quality Omega replica watches

Born in 1952,  high quality Omega replica watches Constellation series, birth, adopted “pie pan” dial and “music ear” who has been loved table of relish. “Pie pan” dial dial shape is very unique, like an upside down pan. “Qu ear” is the shape of the curved lugs.

By 1968, the high quality Omega replica watches Constellation series change in order to “abalone” grooved case and bezel, is still popular. And the Omega Constellation watch tyrants respect the history of the Omega Constellation two most popular elements, “pie pan” dial with grooved bezel integration, from outside to inside are impeccable.

The statue Ba flip watch case, high quality Omega replica watches a glimpse of the mystery of internal movement, to attain chronometer Omega 8900 coaxial movement, pendulum Tuo carved Observatory pattern, in addition, also embossed with eight stars. This not only represents the eight stars in the Omega movement of the 1940s and 1950s to create the eight good quality omega replica watches most important record of accuracy, but also a symbol of this new watch get eight to attain chronometer certification must pass testing standards.

To get the “chronometer to attain” in the title, you must first equipped with Swiss official Observatory (COSC) certified high quality Omega replica watches chronometer movement, followed also by the Swiss Federal Institute of metrology (METAS) approved test. Swiss official Observatory (COSC) certification in the previous article we have described in detail, the so-called Swiss Federal Institute of metrology (METAS) approved test, many people will feel strange, METAS specifically, eight stringent testing standards .

This is the first test where each costing high quality Omega replica watches run over four days time, the simulation accuracy in the case of daily wear watch that day. Concrete action is the first watch placed at different positions and temperatures, and then the high quality Omega replica watches are exposed to a strong magnetic field of 15,000 gauss, the next degaussing, and finally again tested in different positions and temperatures. Each step must be on the watch to take pictures, and then test 24 hours Universal Time (UTC) with respect quality omega replica watches to accuracy. Check the power watch store, before the expected start and the end of the limits photographed. Then check all the errors again, so as to ensure accurate operation Each high quality Omega replica watches within a predetermined time. Even watch on the bedside table to put a weekend, you can still watch the perfect run.

Swiss official Observatory (COSC) certification for accuracy in the movement of standard tests, and the Swiss Federal Institute of metrology (METAS) approved test is a part of the test in the case of the watch for everyday wear with a focus on anti-magnetic, in order to ensure watch accuracy. To ensure the precise movement under the premise of each chop, leaving the entire gold watch in daily wear users still be able to continue to maintain accurate travel time, which for a watch is very important, and it should also be a measure of good gold watch standard.