How to Use an Omega Speedmaster Replica

The Fake Omega Speedmaster is one of the world’s most iconic watches. You know all about its history because it went to the moon, and most collectors can spot that dial and bezel from a mile away. But when it comes to actually taking full advantage of the tachymeter functionality on the Omega Speedmaster!

Dial Breakdown

On the face of the classic Speedmaster Professional Moon Replica watch, you’ll find three sub-dials. The first, situated at 3 o’clock is a thirty minute scale. The second, at 6 o’clock, is a twelve hour counter. The last, over at 9 o’clock, is a running seconds indicator.

The seconds hand for the chronograph – which is centrally mounted, rather than being displayed within a sub-dial – is large, pointed, and thinner than the hour and minute hands, and it gets used in conjunction with the tachymeter scale to calculate distance or speed.

How Do I Use The Stopwatch?

You can time something up to twelve hours with the Omega Speedmaster Replica chronograph. All you have to do to start the timer is press the top pusher, located at two o’clock, in. This will start the seconds hand. To stop it, press the top pusher again. To reset the chronograph, press the lower pusher, located at four o’clock.