Omega Replica Unveils Seamaster, the World’s Most Antimagnetic Watch

Omega Replica took the lead in the use of innovative new materials and technology in the watchmaking industry. In recent years, the introduction of its most impressive technical achievements has led to the development of a watch with a magnetic field of more than 15,000 gauss, which is far more than any other watch

Urquhart explained in his opening remarks that Nicolas G. Hayek, CEO of Swatch Group, has divided Omega’s mandate into the task of creating what he calls “a completely non-magnetic Omega Replica Watches.” Most watch enthusiasts know that magnetism is a long-standing problem in the watchmaking industry. The magnetic field can easily damage the movement of the watch, so its timing accuracy, and now our daily life in the magnetic field is now more ubiquitous than ever before from the smartphone case to the handbag off to the same as the refrigerator magnet Harm the items. Replica Watches watchmaker works with its sister company researchers, metallurgists and engineers to produce unprecedented technology, embodied in a new movement called the Omega coaxial Caliber 8508. The results show that, Urquhart is not only a major breakthrough, the brand, but it is a major breakthrough in the watch industry. ”

Monachon reminds the audience of Omega’s technological innovation history, including the recent development of the first coaxial escapement, which is with the tabulation time of the legendary Dr. George Daniels debut in 1999 and developed. 2009 first use of “Liquidmetal” technology in watches; and recent inventions such as the so-called Ceragold and Sedna gold. He also pointed out that Omega Replica Watches China in the history of the development of anti-magnetic watches and clocks, as early as 1957 began with the Omega Railway Corporation. Monachon’s blacksmith revealed that this is the first to achieve 900 Gaussian resistance of the watch, and today most of the watches score only 60 to 80 Gauss. Even the noteworthy exception, such as Rolex’s popular Milgauss model, has a rated power of 1000 gauss and does not reach the magneto-resistive level of this new watch.

However, this strategy is quite different: the Omega Replica Watches team in ASULAB and ETA Conus expert advice to design a different solution: the use of various options for the movement of colored components, so that the movement itself against the magnetic field. As the technical team pointed out, Omega has had the foundation of the invention: Omega Replica internal movement has included several important colored parts, including silicon balance spring and nickel phosphorus escapement wheel. Other non-magnetic parts developed for the Caliber 8508 have not yet been announced; Omega is expected to be in April in the “Basel News” in 2013 officially launched watches.
Omega announced at the news conference that it not only expected the end of 2013 “hippocampus” 15,000 Gauss “the first business model in the market, and plans to eventually incorporate new anti-magnetic technology into all Omega sports, housing.