Why I Bought A Replica — An Omega Speedmaster Replica 3594.50

Is it the steel bezel?It’s a combination of factors that include the aforementioned bezel and hands plus a very dark gray dial, applied logo, and Hesalite crystal. This Speedy Tuesday, I will tell you why I bought a neo-vintage Cheap Omega Speedmaster Replica 3594.50 instead of the current Speedmaster Moonwatch Master Chronometer.

The most basic version with the Hesalite crystal and without the applied logo on the dial is a fantastic watch. The build quality is fabulous, the new Omega caliber 3861 is METAS magnificent, the new bracelet is impressive in every way, and the slightly changed/improved looks are familiar, exciting, and sophisticated.

But all this appreciation is very rational. To “click” with a Omega Replica Watch, I need to feel something. So although the latest Speedy is superior in terms of specs, it never made its way to my heart. It took a Replica to do so.


A no-hype Speedmaster Replica

The combination of Broad Arrow hands, steel bezel, deep gray dial, applied logo, Hesalite crystal, and 42mm asymmetric case is a winning one. On the other hand, the combination of a black dial, white pencil hands, and a black bezel just doesn’t work for me. I admire the Omega Replica Moonwatch, but I don’t adore it when I wear it.

It’s a tribute to the original CK2915 from 1957, but it’s not a Replica, despite having been given that name. For instance, the asymmetric case is quite a bit bigger than the original 38.6mm case without crown guards.

Speedy Tuesday

This is one timeless High Quality Omega Replica. The fact that it is no longer in production is also attractive. It’s a bit like digging up a treasure. And in this case, since it’s a neo-vintage watch, the treasure is still in very good condition. Another bonus is the build quality. It’s way better than “real” vintage and very much on par with modern-day build quality.

Speedy strap monster

One thing doesn’t work for me regarding the Omega Professional Replica Replica — a bracelet. The steel bezel combined with a bracelet gives the watch a cold feel and not enough contrast. The steel bezel and the polished, reflective Broad Arrow handset lend themselves perfectly to a wide range of straps, though.

Military green is also a color that matches the vibe of this Speedy. Why? I think the secret is the watch’s very dark gray dial. That gray shade is less harsh than plain black and also creates subtle contrasts with all kinds of straps. I foresee a lot of happy strap changes for a very long time to come.

Speedy Tuesday Replica

Personal connection

The fact that the caliber 1861 is a hand-wound movement also means that you interact with the watch a lot. Furthermore, the absence of a date function makes it a wind-and-go affair. And the everyday winding process also causes you faithfully interact and bond with the Best Omega Replica Watches Review. Because of that, I think — no, I know — I prefer hand-wound watches over their automatic counterparts.

This dark gray-dialed, neo-vintage Speedy and its steel bezel, sharp Broad Arrow hands, and Hesalite crystal with its slightly magnifying effect have stolen my heart. Love is definitely in the air.