Replica Omega Launches the Speedmaster Apollo 11

To commemorate the event that helped make their brand an icon, Omega Replica Watchis launching another stratospheric timepiece, the Speedmaster Apollo 11 50th Anniversary Limited Edition.

Although the Speedmaster Professional did not receive official NASA certification for use during manned space missions until 1965, the watch was actually worn in orbit much earlier. in 1963 astronaut Walter Schirra took his personal Omega Speedmaster Apollo 11 Replica Speedmaster CK2998 on the Mercury-Atlas 8 mission, which orbited the Earth eight times, making it one of the most important watches in the world.

The watch is crafted from an exclusive new 18K gold alloy, and is powered by Omega’s manual-winding Master Chronometer Caliber 3861 movement.

The 42mm case, bracelet, dial, hour-markers, and hour./minute hands of the 50th Anniversary Speedmaster are all craft from what High Quality Replica Omega is calling Moonshine Gold, a “unique new alloy whose color is inspired by the shining moonlight in a dark blue sky.” Described as a “paler hue” than traditional 18K yellow gold, Omega says it “offers high resistance to the fading of color and lustre over time.”

The watch features the asymmetrical case-band of the 4th generation Swiss Omega Fake Watches, as well as a burgundy bezel ring in homage to the 1969 Speedy – this time finished in ceramic with a tachymeter scale in Ceragold, Omega’s unique blend of ceramic and gold.