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OMEGA PLUMA light feather watches new appearance

Clock Star Classic legend

OMEGA constellation series since its inception in 1952 to design elegant, subtle euphemism is famous. The perfect integration of the industry’s leading mechanical technology and sophisticated design style, very unique. Today, Omega Constellation series Pluma feather watch new watches to Woon attitude presented in Omega Swatch Art Peace Hotel flagship store, will watch the stars in the sky in the classic legend continue.

In astronomy, “constellation refers to a star community, these stars in the night sky, a constant movement, track can be measured. For a time the family has a stable performance watch, no name than “constellation” is more appropriate. Omega first launched constellation watch series, “constellation” this a term and attain to peak luxury precision watch craft level closely linked. Has been, highlighting the extreme fashion style watchcase and dial and extraordinary precise movement, is the important connotation of the Omega Constellation watches.

Last year, Omega was solemnly launched constellation Pluma light feather watches, watch the name comes from the Latin “feather”, cleverly explains the watch unique exquisite design: dial up to elements in the feather. This year, the introduction of Omega Constellation series Pluma feather watch new watches, gentle curve from the table circle iconic drag claw “stretch out, spread to the entire dial. This 27 mm watch with 11 embedded in 18k Gold arch brackets on the diamond hour markers; polishing arched central hour, minute and second hands are 18K gold to create, and covered with Super-LumiNova luminous coating, can ensure that in any light can be clearly read.

The ladies watch 18K red gold bezel set with 32 bright diamonds, making the watch more colorful. The watch comes with a stainless steel bracelet with 18K gold chain, chain link between needle connected. Through the arch type abrasion resistant transparent surface, the OMEGA 8520 is located in the heart of the coaxial movement watch clearly visible. With outstanding movement performance, accurate and reliable, OMEGA to provide up to 4 years of service guarantee for the table.

Omega Constellation series Pluma feather watch new watches debut in Shanghai, namely lightly descend on the historical architectural treasures of the Omega Swatch Art Peace Hotel flagship store. The flagship store area of 94 square meters, use all Omega Flagship Shop a total of design elements, at the same time, the existing internal architectural style and the original art deco elements intact, making the flagship store different, unique style.

For protection of cultural relics, the structural integrity of the building has not been altered. Shop gorgeous magnificent art deco style ceilings and compelling column block to gold, exquisite, not by remember Shanghai initially have the reputation of “the Pearl of the Orient” the passage of time. Flagship store display and global brand flagship store concept is exactly the same, shop facilities with the latest brand design style is consistent, filling the Omega dedication for details. Shop with a new customer service center, to provide customers with the world’s unified quality of service and a more perfect purchase experience. Shop in the VIP service area not only provides a comfortable leisure space for the guests, but also brings more distinguished professional guidance and purchase to enjoy.

OMEGA Seamaster Series New 007 Limited Edition – Grand Launch

The much anticipated the 24 Series 007 movie “spectre” will be released in 2015, so Omega meticulously Seamaster Aqua Terra 150 meters watch new limited edition watches, its source of inspiration is the bond family coat of arms.

Bond family shield emblem and clouds in the blue dial, to form the full dynamic pattern; shield emblem was also placed in yellow central second hand near the tip position.

In this paragraph 41.5 mm stainless steel watch many dramatic elements, through the sapphire back through clear visible automatic Tourbillon is a unique exquisite. Pendulum Tuo is cut and molded into the shape of the rifles, the design elements from the James Bond film series in the classic bore line screen.

Watch equipped with OMEGA new 8507 “to attain the coaxial movement”, more than 15007 Gauss can resist interference of strong magnetic field.

This watch with stainless steel bracelet, will launch 15007 Limited Edition form. The watch has four years of service after sale.