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Vintage Omega Constellation Replica Watches

Omega replica watches
Omega replica watches

The Omega gold replica watches are not your grandfather’s Omega Constellation replica watches, they are modern replica watches by design (39mm case) but also in terms of manufacturing using the latest innovations and standards in the Swiss replica watches industry (Computer Aided Design, use of materials, high-tech production equipment and of course the caliber 8901 movement). You can’t compare these watches based on the product as they are so different, except for some design elements of the original 1950s and 1960s Constellations that you’ll find in the Globemaster replica watches as well. The pie-pan is an obvious one.

The hands are totally different though. No more short dauphin hands but long baton hands, in Sedna gold. The Omega replica watches hour markers are wide stick markers with luminous (Super-LumiNova) material inside.  Both the hands and hour markers are very visible in low-light conditions. The arrow shaped hour markers like the ones on the image above could have been nice as well, but perhaps it would look a little bit tacky today.

About a year ago I did an in-depth story on vintage Omega Constellations replica watches and showed you some models with a proper pie-pan dial. The Omega Globemaster Sedna gold that I had for review definitely reminded me of those. Although these vintage models are breathtaking in my opinion, I am happy that Omega didn’t do an exact copy of these high quality replica watches in terms of case, dial and hands. Longines did something similar not too long ago with their Conquest, and also then I made the remark that someone who fancies the original will probably go after the original and refrain from buying the retro edition.