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Omega replica watches
Omega replica watches

In 2015, Omega replica watches introduced the world’s first “to attain chronometer” – Constellation respect tyrants watch, watch Pa statue made new breakthroughs in accuracy and performance by Omega and the Swiss Federal Institute of metrology (METAS) jointly launched a new watch stringent certification testing program, the Omega series become legendary classic.

METAS approval of a new certification program to test the watch waterproof performance, power storage, and accuracy in a strong magnetic field of 15,000 Gauss magnetic performance environment quality, to ensure that every one Omega replica watches watchmaking industry has long been far beyond the normative standards . As the first watch through this certification process, the new Omega Constellation watch Omega Pa statue opened a brand new chapter.

The elegant style, simple, attractive design watch with respect Pa charming 18K Sedna ™ gold to build the case, the table diameter 39 mm, built-in features superior self-winding coaxial movement; simple style white dial, luminous use with pointer and time stamp of the coating, as well as date display, water resistant to 100 meters. A mature and elegant watch with brown leather strap. Exquisitely beautiful crown in the same 18K Sedna ™ gold to create, in the side of the crown decorated with fine grooves orderly, easy to be adjusted when the watch features grasp; the top of the crown decorated with Omega replica watches symbol for “Ω”. Watch with a dark brown leather strap, strap elegant color, texture, appearance, fine brown stitching highlight the exquisite workmanship in the details; strap soft and tough, comfortable to wear. Rose gold steel case after careful polished, smooth surface, flowing lines; recess detailed bezel beautiful and full of tough style.

Milky used silver watch “pie pan” dial inspiration from 1952’s first constellation Omega replica watches classic design, but also has beautiful heritage means. Use the dial bar hour markers and center pointer with luminous coating, charming simplicity; at six-bit constellations star emblem and the date display window. Watch lugs molded integrally with the case, natural convergence; lugs is not long, but full of angular change, fully embodies the brand precise and detailed grasp the details. Leather strap with a push opening mechanism omega replica watches james bond with folding buckle, clasp fine shape, but not simple opening and closing on their own to open, easy to wear safety.

Pa statue Omega replica watches list back with back through the bottom of the table, the table back observatory insignia, and eight stars on it not only represents the Omega movement on the 1940s and 1950s created the eight most important brand of precision density recording, but also a symbol of the eight testing standards Get to attain chronometer certification must pass. Inside the case is equipped with coaxial omega replica watches amazon 8901 self-winding movement. This movement has a more lasting superior accuracy and stability, and passed the certification process to detect the Swiss official Observatory (COSC) certification and the Swiss Federal Institute of metrology (METAS) approved. Omega Constellation watch by Omega replica watches statue tyrants and the Swiss Federal Institute of metering jointly launched a new watch certification program, was promoted to the world’s first “to attain chronometer” to further consolidate its reputation in the watchmaking industry, the watchmaking industry has set a new standard of quality, create a classic legend. At the same time respect the tyrants Omega replica watches simple, attractive design show refined and elegant style, it is a masterpiece to make people dream.