Omega replica watches standard (Part One)

Omega replica watches
Omega replica watches

2015 Omega replica watches in Basel von Barcelona launched a new art gallery grand statue Pa Globemaster watch, not only looks classic, is the world’s first to reach the Observatory watches. In this year’s January 12, this watch is officially listed for sale. Not only exceeded the Swiss official Observatory (COSC) to develop standards, but also through the rigorous certification process to detect Swiss Federal Institute of Measurement (METAS) approved.

Respect Pa watch inspired by the early appearance of the constellation series, to reproduce the classic style Omega replica watches history. “Pie pan” dial with triangular groove grooved bezel, both to meet some of the early contact with the Omega watch consumer demand for aesthetic appearance, but also to meet the faithful fans for the Omega classic nostalgic feelings of nostalgia. First COSC certification testing only the bare metal, that is to say the movement is due to take the test to test the hands of the chain, so to remove omega replica watches ebay the automatic movement of the oscillating weight of each movement are fitted with a COSC standard face plate, second hand (large or small second hand second hand) and winding crown.

Throughout the testing process, an electronic camera will record every 24 hours at the location where the second hand (accurate to 1/10 of a second) and with reference to the millisecond Omega replica watches accurate atomic clocks are compared, the camera will shoot twice to verify movement whether to stop the operation, the next movement will be re-winding to an appropriate location and placed in the appropriate temperature into the next 24-hour period. This process will be carried out 16 cycles in a row, so a complete Omega replica watches test comprises a total of 16 cycles, each cycle of 24 hours, there is a predetermined position and five test three test temperatures.

In the first period of 11 years, the movement at a temperature of 23 degrees Celsius for at least five directions each for 48 hours of testing. Instrument readings indicate the accuracy and precision Omega replica watches of movement. If a movement as the day (or slow) 10 seconds it may not be an accurate time table, but if it almost every day (or slow) the same time, that it is highly accurate. Accuracy table easily adjusted too accurate, but if it indicates the presence of a low accuracy of some movement problems, such as the imbalance Omega replica watches of power output, it may be defective gear train. The next three test cycles are measuring the time difference changes at three temperatures (8.23 and 38 ° C).

The last two days, the movement is put back to the initial position and temperature readings were compared with two days ago, showed that the range of movement of the affected properties. In the passed omega replica watches usa 16 cycles of movement is detected, the minimum requirements for the timekeeping errors in average daily -4 / + 6 within (for diameter greater than 20 mm of movement), which comprises a timing device during operation movement which performed. That is, each costing accuracy by detecting the movement to reach 99.99%, only by detecting the movement, will be engraved and obtain COSC certification number issued certificate. And powered by a COSC certification testing by movement of the watch, before being worn can be regarded as absolutely quite accurate Omega replica watches. However, we live in a modern society, the external environment for the accuracy of the impact when the watch go everywhere, in line with a more modern test environment also particularly important, which is based on respect for tyrants watch by COSC certified on the basis of Omega replica watches Swiss Federal Institute of metrology (METAS) approved certification procedures.

High quality Omega replica watches Power 2016

High quality Omega replica watches
High quality Omega replica watches

September 29, 2015 – 30th FINA Swimming World Cup Series kicked off the Beijing Railway Station, many of the world’s top swimmers have gathered in Beijing Water Cube, for the love of the sport of swimming with friends presents an exciting duel. Famous watch brand high quality Omega replica watches (OMEGA) as FINA (FINA) official partner and the official timing of other important events for swimming World Cup races and all FINA timekeeper work.

High quality Omega replica watches are also responsible for timekeeping and data processing work, but also to provide support for the development of key technologies behind, thereby ensuring highly accurate record race results. The main water sports equipment including quantum timer provided in each lane at the end of the touchpad, with grab-hop detection system and high-speed take-off station cameras.

Field staff to us, like starting blocks and touchpad devices such seemingly small, in fact, contains a large energy. These small timing device can not only collect and store swimming time, you can even share information. Athletes by pressure applied to the touch pad mounted on the end of the lane to the “stop” timing, timing eradicated human error, these athletes physical contact touchpad will react, but high quality Omega replica watches will not be affected by the impact of the waves.

Starting blocks similar to the track and field events dedicated frame starting with a take-off foul acoustic detection and take-off means to ensure that every athlete can hear the take-off signal. They also have an arm backstroke departure, this device can improve the startup time of departure high quality Omega replica watches athletes pedaling force and trajectory into the water after the athlete can be manually rotating system, adjust the height of the boom departure, to ensure proper starting position.

In addition a data processing studio, the staff told us about the high quality Omega replica watches data transmission system and procedures during the game, working the stage distribution of dozens of large and small monitors, each data calculation system has host Preparation of the points, to ensure the security and accuracy of the results of the competition.

High quality Omega replica watches, as already has a 167-year-old watch brand, whether at work or meter R & D are in a leading position. Over the years the brand has always been the pursuit of timepiece precision, making it the official FINA and other major events of timepieces, high quality Omega replica watches and now also in the field of swimming competitions courage to develop advanced technology research and development for the sports stadium reloading new strength!

Omega replica watches 007 Series watch party

Omega replica watches
Omega replica watches

2016, Beijing 751 D Park, with the “007: Ghost Party” (SPECTRE) premiere, famous Swiss watch brand Omega replica watches (OMEGA) also held its 007 Omega watches parties, Mr. Urquhart, president of Omega scene speech for the guests, “007” • Daniel Craig also attended specially brand station cheer.

See through from “Golden Eye” in the Soviet spy to “007: Ghost Party” against the sinister forces of darkness, 20 years since this adventure, Omega Seamaster watch has been the play of James • Bond (James Bond) trusted partner. Whether in combat or their excellent performance praised the character design, the Omega 007 watches bear its naval history and distinctive personality, very precious value. Since 1995, the “Golden Eye”, Omega replica watches Seamaster watch it has been associated with 007 agents, with its deep history and classic navy appearance, perfect show • James Bond character roles. While specially designed for “007: ghost party” to create unique limited edition watch will be 7,007 pieces worldwide, this figure represents the meaning is self-evident, Omega replica watches stainless steel case with black dial create a concise fashion appearance and attractive.

Omega replica watches are equipped with black polished ceramics to create bi-directional rotating diving bezel, as well as Liquidmetal alloy 12-hour scale, easy to adjust the time display of any country in the world, is very suitable for those who frequently travel. Other features of the watch is also very eye-catching special. Decorated with “lollipop” type central seconds dial, strap is black and gray stripes with 5 Omega NATO NATO military strap, also known as James Bond • NATO strap with clip engraved with the 007 logo.

The detachment Omega replica watches the back engraved with limited edition number and “007: Ghost Party” movie logo to celebrate the release of the latest 007 adventure. Omega watches are also equipped with a revolutionary production for 8400 “to attain coaxial movement,” so that at the time of bond processing tasks more ease. Domestic price of 50,900 yuan. From “Golden Eye” to start this year’s “007: Ghost Party,” it can be said Omega replica watches Seamaster James • Bond accompany 20-year adventure. In addition to accurate and durable, and its full compliance with James Bond • exterior design is also a gentleman by the world Jingjing Lok Road, have to say is a very successful propaganda. And the new Seamaster 300 “ghost party” 007 limited edition watch outside appearance and profile retro feel strong, with NATO but also to the NATO military strap. These Omega replica watches add a stylish atmosphere, worn on any occasion is not unexpected, worth buying.

Exploring the story behind the high quality Omega replica watches

high quality Omega replica watches
high quality Omega replica watches

December 18, 2015, Omega (OMEGA) Planet exhibition officially opened in Beijing Oriental Plaza for the upcoming Christmas season to add a dark romance and mystery. Mr. Yang Hua, vice president of China, Omega, Beijing Oriental Plaza Co., Ltd., general manager of Mr. Jiang Lingfeng, etc. witnessed the exciting moment, the exhibition for everyone Secret story behind Omega timepieces Pierre and exhibited a variety of iconic high quality Omega replica watches.

Mr. Yang Hua, vice president of high quality Omega replica watches China region has done a wonderful opening speech and said: Omega, this is a very special exhibition, it is a collection of the brand spirit, showing extensive and far-reaching impact brand, but also for bring holiday wishes.

Omega Planet theme exhibition is located at Beijing Oriental Plaza Atrium LG1 three districts, covering about 150 square meters, in this mysterious and romantic space, visitors can feel the rich history of the high quality Omega replica watches brand heritage and contemporary development concept.

The theme of the exhibition will be projected on a large-scale installations in a way reflects the rich themes include high quality Omega replica watches innovative technologies, sport, ocean exploration, her time, into space, James Bond (007), and social responsibility. Each themed areas are concentrated Omega presented the famous timepieces Pierre, as well as the story behind the work.

Omega Planet exhibition will begin December 18 to January 3, 2016 remain open to the public in Beijing Oriental Plaza, want to know the history and stories behind the high quality Omega replica watches brand, idle wish to go exhibitors, there will be an unexpected surprise waiting for you!