OMEGA Replica Watches Come In Red Calfskin Boxes

Speedmaster 1957 replica watches
Speedmaster 1957 replica watches

This Speedmaster 1957 replica watches were really presented in the exceptionally same year as the OMEGA Speedmaster Professional 50th Anniversary model with the Seamonster logo imprinted on the dial (in gold shading).

The wooden box measures approx 30cm x 20cm x 20cm and weighs around 6KG. It has a delightful wooden decorate of the Seamonster and OMEGA logo and has the quantity of the best replica watches on a silver hued plate on the front side.

Ordinarily, OMEGA replica watches come in red calfskin boxes. A few times in a dark cowhide confine and once a while they utilized a wooden box. Just for diverse reasons, however the “ordinary” or “standard” Speedmaster Professional arrives in a red cowhide box. A few limiteds in different boxes. The container of this OMEGA Speedmaster 1957 50th Anniversary model is justified regardless of an uncommon notice, as it is one of the coolest replica watch boxes we’ve ever seen (of the huge brands).

We uprooted the precise number of the high quality replica watches from the dials as should be obvious, on solicitation of the proprietor. Then again, it typically says the quantity of the replica watches and the way that there are just 1957 bits of this model. As should be obvious, no “Expert” wording on the dial. Something that OMEGA did do on models that plainly were not “Moonwatch” models previously.